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Patient Admission Forms and Information

Forms to be completed by the Patient
Pre-Admission Information for Patients and Families and Carers
Aesthetic Day Surgery Facility Brochure
Information for DVA patients – DVA Factsheet HSV74
Patient and Consumer Centred Care


Child Admissions

Preparing Your Child For Day Surgery
The Story Of My Anaesthetic – A Story For Children


Information for Patients Requiring Assisted Transport

Smart Care


Patient Health and Safety

At Aesthetic Day Surgery our goal is to provide our patients with the safest possible care and maintain your health and wellbeing.

Information to maintain your health and safety:

  • Speak up – If you have any concerns or if you’ve noticed an unexpected change in your condition
  • Get involved – join the discussions and decision making about your care
  • Be aware – understand the plans for your care, any test results and other important information. If you don’t understand something, ask a staff member to explain it to you
  • If you have any concerns about the quality or safety of your care, speak with the nurse or doctor looking after you, you can also talk to the nursing director

TopTips for Safe Health Care Booklet
Falls Prevention
Medication Safety
Hand Hygiene
Pressure Injury Prevention
Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention


Patient Discharge Instructions and Care


Information for Consumers

Patient Safety and Quality Care
Partnering with Consumers
Patient Centred Care
Infection Control at Aesthetic Day Surgery
Hand Hygiene at Aesthetic Day Surgery
Patient Satisfaction Surveys Analysis – 2018
Personal Information Management Policy – Privacy Policy
Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights
Private Patients Hospital Charter
Aesthetic Day Surgery Quality Policy