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About the Facility

Is the Aesthetic Day Surgery a Licensed and Accredited Day Surgery Facility?
Yes, Aesthetic Day Surgery is licensed by NSW Health as a day hospital for general anaesthesia, sedation and local anaesthesia. The centre has a paediatric licence for children from the age of 4 years. Aesthetic Day Surgery implements a quality management system to the International Standard AZ/NZS ISO 9001:2016.

Can anyone undergo surgery at the Aesthetic Day Surgery?
Yes, providing that you are undergoing a day case procedure and you are assessed to be suitable for this.

How is the Aesthetic Day Surgery different from a normal hospital?
Unlike general hospitals, the Aesthetic Day Surgery is a specialised facility for plastic, cosmetic, skin cancer and hand surgery. It offers the one to one personalised patient care and attention to detail that can only come from a specialist facility of this kind. In a day surgery hospital (such as the Aesthetic Day Surgery), you can stay only for the day, not overnight.

How do I book for an appointment?
You can book an appointment directly by phoning the Aesthetic Day Surgery on +61(2)95539905 for an apointment with one of our surgeons for consultation.

Alternatively, email for an appointment at

Do I need a referral from my GP?
Yes, you need to bring a referral with you for your first consultation if you wish to claim a rebate for this from Medicare.

Safety & Standards
Are procedures carried out at the Aesthetic Day Surgery as safe as those carried out in a normal hospital?

Aesthetic Day Surgery provides the same level of safety as a hospital for the procedures that are undertaken there.

Patient Care

How can I be sure of the highest quality of care?
Aesthetic Day Surgery implements a quality management system that ensures we maintain a high standard of patient care. We comply with all statutory regulations, legislation and guidelines, and are regularly audited for compliance.

What medical staff will be present during my procedure?
For those operations which require a general anaesthetic, those present in the operating theatre include the specialist surgeon, specialist anaesthetist, theatre (or scrub) nurse, anaesthetic nurse and scout nurse. At the completion of your procedure you are transferred to the recovery suite where you are cared for by a recovery clinical nurse specialist.


When do I have to pay for my operation/procedure?
Payment for cosmetic procedures is made approximately one week prior to the operation date for both the surgeon and anaesthetist. Hospital fees for uninsured patients and those having cosmetic procedures are payable on admission to Aesthetic Day Surgery.

For insured patients having operations which qualify for a Medicare item number, Aesthetic Day Surgery directly bills the hospital fund. Any ‘excess’ or exclusion fees must be paid on the day of admission.

How do I go about claiming a refund back from Medicare?
Patients are issued with an itemised account/receipt to enable them to claim rebates from Medicare and their hospital fund.