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Cosmetic Injections: Dermal Fillers / Stimulators

When our skin is exposed to sun, combined with the natural aging process, changes in the texture and elasticity become more noticeable, and wrinkling and sagging occur. With the use of various types of injectable dermal fillers (for wrinkling) and stimulators (for volume replacement), a person can restore a youthful appearance to the face with minimal discomfort and little, if any, downtime.

The staff at the Aesthetic Day Surgery will give you a realistic indication of the results you can personally expect from cosmetic injections during your initial consultation.

What do these treatments involve?
You must start this process with a consultation. On your first visit we will discuss your concerns and goals and arrive together with a treatment plan that will be affordable.

In some cases, a skin test (a small injection) will be placed in a discreet area of your forearm and you will be instructed to observe it for four weeks. Otherwise, you may be treated on the same day using other products.

One or two treatments may be necessary in the first month or two to fully correct areas of great depth. Usually patients return for “top-ups” aproximately every four to six months.

The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. First your skin is cleansed, then icy poles are applied to numb the skin and shrink the blood vessels to diminish swelling and bruising from occurring. In the areas of the nose to mouth and upper lip, additional anaesthesia in the form of local anaesthetic injections will be given, allowing the area to be numb for 30-45 minutes. Very fine needles are used to lift the wrinkles and augment the lips or restore volume.

There are different injectable fillers of different degrees of thickness. The appropriate size and strength will be selected to suit your particular needs. After the treatment a light application of oil free cover-up will be offered so that you can return to your planned activities. Most people return straight to work. With dermal stimulators, massaging the area treated for four days is expected and a repeat treatment is needed in 4-6 weeks and this may be repeated as necessary.

What results can you expect?
Most people can expect an immediate lifting and softening of wrinkles and folds. When augmenting the lips, results are immediately noticeable, with some swelling that may persist for 1-2 hours. Usually several pin prick marks may be noticeable for several days, which can easily be covered with light makeup or cover-up. When using dermal stimulators a fuller face is noticeable but will diminish in about 4 days.

It is best to allow 2-3 days before any special events so that you feel you will look your best. Also do not schedule treatments pre-menstrually or on your periods, as you may feel more sensitive and are more prone to bruising during that time.

Is there a need for repeat treatments?
As previously mentioned, most people prefer to ‘top-up’ the areas of treatment every four to six months. After six months, typically, the material is no longer apparent. However, at four months it is diminished enough to add a new layer on top of the old layer, offering an even greater correction and longevity of product.

When using dermal stimulators, two or more treatments may be needed at 4-6 week intervals and may last up to 18 months.

What risks are involved with the use of Cosmetic Injections?
Very little risk is involved. In general, a well experienced practitoner minimises any potential hazards of application that may result in lumps or bumps in the skin, bleeding under the skin or loss of tissue or infection. The most common side-effect is minimal swelling and bruising for a few days.

Are Cosmetic Injections suitable for me?
The decision to go ahead with an aesthetic procedure is a very personal one. The first step is a consultation with one of the qualified members of staff at the Aesthetic Day Surgery. Whatever your reasons you should frankly discuss your personal goals and expectations with respect to the outcome of the procedure (both physical and emotional). As with any aesthetic procedure you should always keep in mind that the desired result is improvement, not perfection.